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Enfant de choeur
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Joey Alexander

le Mer 10 Juin 2015, 07:19
I know this blog is mostly about singers like Libera, but since this young man is the same age as Libera, I think he is an fascinating musician. He has a very rare combination of skill and sensitivity for someone his age, and self taught too. It is rather unheard of to master jazz like this so young. I believe he has a CD out also.

The Furby
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Re: Joey Alexander

le Mer 10 Juin 2015, 19:17
Outstanding  Shocked Thank you Hiskeys !
Enfant de choeur
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Re: Joey Alexander

le Dim 14 Juin 2015, 05:17
I forgot to briefly mention above that he really gets into it at about 4:15.

Here's another look at him playing for an hour in Copenhagen last year. He manages to keep up with professionals at age 11. He'll be headlining at the Newport Jazz Festival this summer. And like Libera, he gives credit to God for his talent - good for him.

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