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Andrew Swait

le Mar 20 Juil 2010, 19:22
Apologies for this being in English my Francophone friends
"Andrew Swait was just ten years old when he recorded 'Light of
the World' in October 2005 as an Abbey School Chorister. His prodigious
talent was spotted at the age of only five, and steeped in the musical
whirlwind of a chorister's life, his remarkable musicianship has
flourished. In addition to the demands of full choristership in The
Abbey School Choir where daily Evensong, numerous concerts and
international tours were all a way of life, Andrew was also a member of
Tewkesbury Abbey Parish Choir. "

Through recordings and concerts he always keenly follows the work
of his idols - Bowman, Kirkby, Padmore, Terfel, Scholl and Isserlis.
Andrew's passions do not stop at music. He has studied Mandarin outside
school from the age of six and is an avid reader of poetry, prose and
especially of all things to do with flight.
In the face of the tragic events surrounding the end of his choir
at The Abbey School Tewkesbury in July 2006, Andrew hopes his work as a
treble, through both recording and performance, will focus much needed
attention on the importance of providing proper choral training for
other boys."

And last up the first part of a t.v. documentary

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Re: Andrew Swait

le Mer 21 Juil 2010, 05:07
Absolutly Yorkie, you're right. Andrew, dans les 10 dernières années, fait parti des meilleurs solistes et Trebles.
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